Arena STARZ South

Coach Williams leads EPD's baseball specific performance athletic training programs. He has a proven history of results developing maximum SASS (Speed, Agility, Strength, and Stability) with professional, college, and amateur players.

Among the first adopters of VertiMAx training, as evidenced by the instructional video above, Coach Williams is able to fully utilize the capabilities of EPD's three VertiMax platforms to produce maximum results for our players. Emphasizing exercises and training methods that directly relate to core baseball movements, Coach Williams works to strengthen a players inherent physical weaknesses. It is far more important to work on your weaknesses than your strengths, which for most players means getting out of their comfort zone. This is how you become a stronger, faster, better athlete. A stronger, faster, better athlete is a better player. Contact us today for more information. Your competition is working hard. Are you working harder?

Baseball Specific Performance Athletic Training