Arena STARZ South

Arena Starz South Staff

Chris Jenkins

                                        Coach Jenkins BIO COMING SOON

Larry Williams

                                        Coach Williams is an invaluable resource for the STARZ South program. Coach is a

                                        Certified Strength and Development Instructor, a former professional player, coach and scout 

                                        with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, and Baltimore Orioles, a former high school and

                                        colllege head coach founder of the BATT Academy, and is currently an assistant coach at UMBC.

                                        He is widely respected as one of the best fielding and base running coaches in the game, as well

                                        as being a high level pitching and hitting instructor. He developed the VertiMax training program

                                        for baseball, has trained numerous college and professional players to develop Maximum

                                        SASS (Speed, Agility, Strength and Stability), and has a wealth of experience in Baseball Specific


Barry Pyle
                                        Founder and Owner of Energy Player Development and the former Energy Baseball, Coach

                                        Pyle is a certified Epstein Hitting Instructor,  Arena STARZ South program coordinator,

                                        long-time amateur baseball coach, and former gym owner. For over a decade, he has provided

                                        personal hitting instruction to players from Little League to the collegiate level. As coordinator

                                        of the Arena STARZ South program, Coach Pyle maintains the focus of the program on

                                        developing players, both on and off the field, and not just collecting trophies.